Monday, June 14, 2010

Volunteering Letter

A letter from us coaches regarding volunteering for our home meets. PLEASE READ!

Dear Parents:

Age group swim meets are quickly approaching! It’s time to start looking at volunteering. We are very thankful that we’ve had some parents step up to volunteer to help run our meets. Unfortunately though, we did not receive enough volunteer date requests to facilitate our meet, so we needed to sign parents up for times/dates that we needed. Our program has and will always thrive on great parent involvement, which is why we have such a successful program today. Not all programs can boast that and have begun to charge parents a fee if they can’t volunteer. We are proud to be a very affordable program and appreciate the involvement of our parents at our home meets.

Our volunteer coordinator, Sheila Bosworth, has put together a volunteer list for our first home meet. Please click here to view it. Each family who is a part of our program is expected to help volunteer at one or more of our home meets over the season (6/17 & 7/10). Please make arrangements to do so. If you know a certain date/time will work better than another, please email Sheila at to set it up with her. Please be patient with her as this is no small task and we appreciate her volunteering her time to help organize this.

We understand that the summer presents many scheduling challenges for our swimmers and parents, especially with work schedules. We understand if you cannot help out on a certain day or time that you may have gotten scheduled for. However, if you can’t volunteer for the time which you are slotted, we need you to find someone who can fill your spot. As coaches, we have a lot of things on our plate as well but we are always willing to help you out. It is ultimately your responsibility though to find a replacement. Please email us for a contact sheet so you may coordinate switching dates with another parent. If you can’t find anyone, or if you’d prefer, you may ask a relative, friend, older child or neighbor to help in your place. The tasks we need to staff are very simple and not to mention they are the best (and coolest) seats in the house.

We appreciate and depend on all of the parental support you show. Without you, we cannot offer our kids the meets and quality of programs that we do. Thank you ahead of time for your cooperation and enthusiasm for our program and ultimately your athlete’s success.


GBDS Coaching Staff

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