Thursday, June 3, 2010

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Updates and Information
Please remember to subscribe to the blog! This is the last email you will get from me unless there is an emergency. Make sure you're subscribed to get updates from the blog. Directions are at the bottom of this post.

Zeeland Classic
Please note that there was another error on the calendar for the big dawg team. June 26 marks the Zeeland Classic which we encourage all swimmers to attend unless they will be participating on Saturday at the Jackson meet.

JAWS Sun and Fun and JCAC Rose City
Entries for these two meets are now posted on Click here to check your entries. Let me know ASAP if you have any problems.

Volunteering (USA) - IMPORTANT!!!
With the JAWS Sun and Fun meet approaching, it's time to step up and volunteer. Please read the following statement from Michelle and look at the volunteer sheet. Please note that if you do not have a representative volunteering for your swimmer at at least one of your swimmers, you may incur a fee. JAWS would obviously much rather have your help than you money as it takes a lot of bodies to staff a meet. Please check your availability and email Joann Wesseling at If you or your swimmer will not be able to volunteer, you may also be able to have someone volunteer in your place (aunt, cousin, neighbor).

MLA Invitational (USA)
Meet packet is now posted. Click here to view it. Entries are due 6/14, don't wait!

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