Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Clarification on Volunteering

Wednesday's Practice

We will be swimming for the first part of practice and playing ultimate frisbee for the second. Make sure your swimmer brings appropriate attire for ultimate frisbee outdoors.

MLA Entries (USA)

Entries for MLA Invite at Holland are due this coming Monday, start them now in case you have questions!

Volunteering Clarification (USA)

There has been a lot of confusion regarding my last post about volunteering for the JAWS Sun and Fun meet. Please let me clarify. If you have any further questions, let me know.

  1. As an affiliate of JAWS, we are expected to contribute our time as volunteers to help run our home meets, just as the families at Jenison are. As part of the team, it is important that we do our part.
  1. In the past JAWS has charged us to be an affiliate of their program. This was included in your cost until this year. This year JAWS graciously offered to wave this charge for each athlete if we can have someone volunteer for them at the JAWS Sun and Fun meet. We thought it was a sweet deal and a good way to keep costs down for those who were willing/able to do their part.
  1. If you volunteer your time, you do not pay the “volunteer fee”. The fee is solely there to recoup for the costs that Jenison bears as being the head of a USA program. There are a lot of administrative, paper work, certifications and plans that go into being the head of a USA program. We are very thankful that JAWS takes care of this and allows us to be a part of their program for what we should consider a very small contribution.
  1. Please understand that we know this is new to most of you and we understand if you have conflicts. What we suggest is that you try to work something out with your children, a relative, friend or neighbor to have them volunteer their time at the meet. Your child needs to have someone represent them at the meet as a volunteer. If you can do that, your fee will be waved.

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