Sunday, July 10, 2011

Zeeland Meet Thursday & Conference Meet


First, thanks to everyone who helped with the Invite Saturday!! 

Our season is rapidly coming to an end.  The final dual meet is this Thursday, home v. Zeeland.  Warm up is 7:45 am and the meet starts at 9:00am.  I need to know by Tuesday's practice if your swimmer will be attending.  Either email me or I will ask them at practice Mon./Tues.  They will be picking events for this meet.  Please check the volunteer list posted previously if you are scheduled.

Also, the 13&Over Conference Meet is Wednesday July 20th @ Zeeland.  I need to know by Tuesday as well if your swimmer is attending.  Warm up is 4:45pm, the meet starts at 6:00pm!  For this meet I will be picking based on this season.  I strongly encourage swimmers to participate in this meet because it will give them a good standing to where they will be starting their fall seasons.

Please email me at, for both meets.


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