Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Volunteer Schedule

Parents, Below is the volunteer schedule with when everyone is expected to volunteer. If the day you were assigned does not work for you it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find someone to switch with you. You can also have someone from your family, or someone else help you out. Sheila Bosworth spent a lot of time putting this schedule together and we need help from EVERYONE in order to run meets smoothly. Thank you in advance for your help!

-Kailani Sarjeant
-Paul Yoakem
-Toni Blok
-Jennifer Iracki
-Connie Bennet
-Amantha Bush
-John Katerberg
-Sanja Ahmetovic
-Kelly Kievit
-Amy Anderson
-Angie O'Brien
-Kim Troost
-Shawn Landstra
-Cheryl Boogaart
-Marge Noblett
-Klara Mateju
Head Timer: Kin Ma
Announcer: Paul Fitzpatrick
Marshaller: Ann Potyraj
Extras: Megan Harley
-Jill Degroot
-Carmella Gibson
-Pam Slagh
-Anna Vossa

Saturday July 9 AM Session
David Burian
Paul Yoakem
Shelly Gutierres
Amantha Bush
Mendy VanDeusen
John Nisper
Jophn Katerberg
Bobbie Dykstra
Lori Dryer
Wayne Parris
Radka Mateju
Runner: Kin Ma
Announcer: Paul Fitzpatrick
Marshalling: Lori Beyer
Admissions: Lannette Casey
Concessions: Monica Smith
Nicole Lam

July 9 PM session
Cheri burian
Kailani Sarjeant
Karen Babiarz
Joyce Dougherty
Andy Tinsley
John Nisper
Lori Dryer
Lori Beyer
Tammy Lovett
Wayne Parris
Concessions: Shelly Gutierrez
Anna Vozza

Thurs July 14
Karen Babiarz
Jennifer Iracki
Pam Cutlip-Riy
Connie Bennett
Sanja Ahmetovic
Kelly Kievit
Nicole Lam
Amy Anderson
Angie Obrien
Kim Troost
Shawn Landstra
Cheryl Boogaart
Tracey Graverson
Announcer: Megan Harley
Marshaller: Bobbie Dykstra
Concessions: Jill DeGroot
Toni Blok
Pam Slagh
Lannette Casey

If you end up switching with someone please change it on the schedule that is posted on the doors to the bleachers. As you can see we still have some spots that need to be filled. If you are planning on being at all of our home meets and can volunteer at additional meets please email Sheila sandrboz@hotmail.com
Thank you!

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