Saturday, July 17, 2010

Age Group 'A' Meet

Here's who I've gotten responses from. Please double check. I'll be posting the lineup online as soon as I get a chance. If I haven't gotten your responses, your child has not been entered in the meet. If you missed the Friday deadline on accident, email me as soon as possible and I'll see if I can still get them in.

I haven't gotten a response from the following swimmers:

Caitlyn Beyer, Zach Figeroa, Rachel Rich, Racheal Dandeneau, Dana Nicholson, Taran Silva, Jordan Watkins, Joe Gryzan, Paige Parsons, Tommy Parsons, Cody Poll, Jason Bergsma, Jalen Lubbers


Tyler Babiarz

Maddie Dyer

Emily Dougherty

Kalina Emaus

Miranda Emaus

Rachel Burian

Logan Tomaszewski

Cory Boogaart

Steph Spruit

Sam Tinsley

Betsy Zwier

Kara VanderKallen

Holly Postma

Caitlyn Ritter

Jackson Ritter

Grant VanderKallen

Danica deWaha

Sam Timmer

Matt Noblett

Tyler Cutlip

Taylor Troost

Levi Lubbers

Alaina Lubbers

Isaac Lubbers

Kassie Blok

Delanie Bosworth

Savanna Bosworth

Blake Bosworth

Garret Bosworth

Not Attending

Tom Quist, Katie Skinner, Ali Kalsbeek, Jordan Kalbeek, Mike Wynalda, Lauren Wynalda

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