Thursday, May 20, 2010

End of Week Two Updates

Meet Entries
Please check your meet entries on the JAWS website by following this Link. If there are problems with your athlete's entries, please let me know as soon as possible so we can correct them.

Blog Communication
If you are not signed up for the "Big Dawg Blog", you need to do so. We will cease all Email communications except for emergencies starting June 1. Please follow the directions below for signing up for the Big Dawg Blog.

Directions to Subscribe to the Big Dawg Blog

Step 1:

Click Here

Step 2:

This will direct you to the following page…

Enter your email address and the security code on the bottom of the screen

Click on “Complete Subscription Request”

Step 3:

Shortly after completing this step, you will be sent an email from my email address ( with the header “Activate your Email Subscription to: Grandville Summer Swim Club”

Click on the link in the email.

A page will load saying that registration was successful. You are good to go!

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